In the Media

Watauga Democrat Newspaper Article

April 27, 2022

Click on the picture to read responses from all 7 Board of Education candidates.

Watauga Democrat

Pam's Picks Survey

April 25, 2022

Click on the picture to read the responses of 3 out of 7 candidates for Board of Education. I declined to answer due to the writers liberal view points.

Pam's Picks

WataugaWatch Article

April 25, 2022

It's no secret that WataugaWatch is not a credible source of neutral information, but is very left leaning. The majority of what is written in this article is based off Pam's Picks. 

Click on the image to read the entire article. 

Watauga Watch

NC Grassroots Government

April 22, 2022

North Carolina Grassroots Government (NCGG) is a non-connected federal PAC. Their mission is to empower and support public servants who will uphold the Constitution, adhere to the biblical principles upon which it is founded, and faithfully execute the clearly defined duties of their office on behalf of the citizens of NC.

Click on the image for more information about this organization.  


Freedom Keepers

April 20, 2022

This is a Medical Freedom group for citizens of North Carolina to stay educated and up to date on what is happening in our state. This is not a "pro" or "anti" group.

Click on the image for more information about this organiztion. 

Freedom Keepers