My Calling(s)

What an honor it is to have this opportunity to be a candidate to serve Watauga County Schools.

Several years ago the Lord placed it on my heart to do more for our children. Through much prayer and seeking His face in all decisions made, I have taken the next step in running for Watauga County Board of Education. 

I am from Watauga, born and raised and still call Vilas home. My children are students at WHS and Cove Creek (4th generation Red Raider) so I'm very familiar with the current situations that our children see on a daily basis.

I attended Cove Creek and was the first 8th grade class to graduate in the new school. I started at WHS in 1996 and graduated in 2000. After High School I began focusing on Emergency Services, which I got involved in as a Junior in High School. I have been a firefighter, EMT, 911 dispatcher and Emergency Service Instructor. I was able to retire from the fire service with 20 years (the maximum in NC), but still currently serve when I can. 

Over the years I have served the County in many different capacities. From building houses, to being a volunteer firefighter, working and volunteering as an EMT, being a 911 dispatcher for 3 police departments, planning medical logistics and travel arrangements for a local non-profit. I now currently work with churches and non-profits to arrange missions and humanitarian aide travel both domestically and internationally. I have been blessed to have traveled the world, visiting 28 Countries and 45 US States. From taking a child home overseas who had just had heart surgery, to holding an elderly couple as they look into what was once their home after a tornado struck, I've seen good and bad. 

My wife Maria and I have been married 18 years this year and the Lord has blessed us with 3 beautiful children. Our oldest, Abby, is a sophomore and plays varsity softball for WHS and is active in the FFA. Our middle one, Paisley, is a 5th grader and loves fishing and reading. Our most recent addition is Clayton, born October 8, 2021. His middle name is Samuel and means "God has Heard", which is exactly why he is here. 

Besides being a proud father, I am a Pastor. God called me into the ministry in March 2011 and I currently serve a wonderful congregation in Newland, NC. I completed my studies and received my degree in Biblical Studies in 2015. My heart has always been in helping children so it has been an honor to work with elementary students through after school bible study programs.